I first came up with the idea for The Bald Cat after doing the online Foundr course. In this course Gretta Van Riel says rather than coming up with a product, try and solve a problem.

Originally the first product I was going to be launching was a shaving product for intimate areas, hence the name "The Bald Cat" a little play on words if you will...but after the first few attempts of formulate being a fail it was back to the drawing board to get this shaving product right, which I feel we have almost done! Watch this space.

A little while after this process I was in the shower one day washing myself and I was really sore after having sex. I was thinking it would be nice to have something to apply to your vulva area to help with dryness/soreness and promote healing in this area. After doing some research I realised that there are very few products in this area, in fact there are zero advertised as an after sex product.

From there I decided to create one myself, after around a year I finally had a formulation that I was totally happy with, a beautiful blend of oils and ingredients that all serve a purpose and add value. I gave a sample to my sister and she applied it after shaving and found it was incredibly soothing and she didn't get a shaving rash as she normally would experience, it was then I realised this product could have more than one use. 

After the birth of Ozzie (my son) I had many stitches and a lot of healing to do, physically and mentally. I made it a beautiful practice to gently massage my episiotomy scar with the intimate oil while sending love and healing energy to the area, this practice has helped me heal physically and emotionally.

From my life experience i've found that talking about vaginas and vulvas is a totally taboo topic, with very little mention made, however we throw the words dick and penis around like they are going out of fashion. I want my brand to bring awareness to the issues and struggles that a lot of women have, I want us to be able to talk about vaginas and vulvas comfortably, to address things like dryness, soreness and birth trauma, to touch ourselves with love.

My dream is for The Bald Cat intimate oil to become an important part of your daily self love rituals, a way to connect with yourself physically and spiritually.
It's time to heal, nourish, soothe and give yourself the love you deserve. 


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