Hey everyone and welcome #Run22.

This year I have decided to set myself the massive challenge of running every.single.day. 365 runs, no rest, no days off. 

I had this idea about a week before I completely committed to the challenge. When it comes to doing hard stuff, the "why" is incredibly important, without your why, you would simply give up when the going gets tough.

For me, my why was clear. I simply just had to do it. 

Call in intuition, your gut, instincts, name it what you will, something inside me told me that this is my path, that this was what I had to do. 

As humans our survival instinct is so strong, It pushes us to always remain in our comfort zone, to remain safe. This has contributed to our addiction to dopamine, we want to always feel good, and we can, without having to work for it. With the click of a button or a trip to the supermarket we can that feel good hormone, as a result the bar for happiness is getting higher and higher, and our rates of depression, anxiety and addiction also soar. The remedy? Discomfort.

Discomfort is the road to self discovery, it's in the doing of tough stuff that you REALLY figure out who you are, what you're made of. There are so many struggles in life, I know. But when you get to choose your hard and choose your struggle, you take back your power and control over your life. 

I want to inspire you to do something different this year, something CRAZY, something that scares the shit out of you, inspires and excites you. 


So I ask you, what's your hard? 

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