Hi my loves, my name is Jennah and I am the founder of The Bald Cat Pty Ltd.

I started this brand with one thing in mind - mothers. 

After the birth of my son Ozzie, I felt so incredibly disconnected from my sexuality, my pleasure, my vagina and my whole Yoni space. 

After a traumatic birth I was left with a lot of healing to do, physically and emotionally. I realised that this is so incredibly common, that mothers just leave their pleasure behind, after Ozzie’s birth I had never felt so “un - sexy” is that a word? 

While this is common and so normal, I don’t believe we need to accept that we will be like this forever.

I found that I had no sex drive, would shy away from my partners touch, and had no desire to rediscover and reconnect to that side of myself. This started to cause issues with my relationship with my partner, but also with myself. 

How we do one thing, is how we do everything, if I was shying away from pleasure and myself in the bedroom, was I also doing this in real life?

Being in your pleasure, is being in your power. Your pleasure is the feminine, she is fun and creative, she is playful and magnetic, she is vibrant and energised. 

Using Intimate Oil with intention, helped me reconnect to my Yoni, my pleasure and my partner, to bring blood flow and feeling back to my Yoni, step back into my feminine energy, to bring pleasure back into all areas of my life, It helped me heal. 

We love to see how Intimate Oil has helped you too! Please tag us @thebaldcatskincare